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Custom reusable masks by sublimation. They are made of water-repellent fabric and comply with UNE 0065/20.In addition, it has an antibacterial treatment with filtration of 92%

Product Information:

  • Washing: up to 66 washes at 35o keeping the properties water-repellent and antibacterial.
  • Ironing: it is recommended to iron the masks after washing to reactivate their properties.
  • Complies with UNE 0065/20 STANDARD:

o Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness (BFE) 92% - Required to be >-90

o Breathability (PA/cm2) < 41 - Se exige que sean de < 61

o Both data are governed by UNE-EN14683-2019+AC2019

  • Material: 285gr/m2 double fabric fabric

o Polyester 92%

o Elastane 8%

o NORMA UNE 0065/20 Certificate

o OEKO-TEX 100 Certificate

o Manufactured in Spain

  • Protection:

o Hydrofugated fabric both sides

o Antibacterial Treatment


o Static permanent microbial agent. C6 technology

  • Customization:

o Customization of masks should be done in 2 times, one on each side.

o It is convenient to put a protective paper between face and face so as not to stain the fabric.

o Temperature: 190o/time: 60 seconds - These parameters may vary by printer and iron.

Approved Reusable Hygienic Mask Specifications

  • Aerosol filtration efficiency: >96%.
  • Particle filtration efficiency: >95%. Tests carried out according to UNE-EN 13274.
  • Determination of dimensional stability according to ISO 5077:2008.
  • Ensures protection against solid and liquid aerosols.
  • Complies with all that the new UNE-0065:2020 and European Standard CWA 17553 specifies
  • Comfort – adequate.

o Facial fit: >94% (Adjustment to nose and mouth).

o This test has been performed according to the average morphology of the population.


This device is for personal use, is not a medical device within the meaning of Directive 93/42 or EU Regulation / 2017/745, nor an individual protective equipment within the meaning of EU Regulation / 2016/425

As it is a protective and hygiene product, it is not possible to make returns.


  • Breathable
  • Do not absorb liquids or odors
  • Washing machine washes up to 60o
  • Up to 25 washes at 60o keeping the water-repellent and antibacterial properties.
  • Don't stick to the body
  • They don't absorb sweat
  • Prevents allergies such as dust, bacteria, smoke, pollution, ash and pollen
  • It limits the transmission of infectious agents exhaled by the user into the environment and to others, they also protect the transmission by saliva of sick or carriers.

Cleaning and disinfecting reusable masks

  • A complete washing cycle (wetting, washing, rinsing) should be performed with the usual detergent (not higher than pH 9 and without bleach), at a washing temperature of 35oC.
  • Contact between a dirty mask (to be washed) and clean clothing should be avoided. The person in charge of washing must be protected to handle the dirty masks.
  • Do not use products that may degrade or damage materials and decrease their protective capacity (e.g. bleach or softener).
  • It is recommended that the mask dry completely within 2 hours after washing.
  • It should not be dryed or sanitized with a microwave oven.
  • Both during drying and in the subsequent storage of the mask, the environments in which the mask can be re-contaminated should be avoided.
  • Make a visual insepction after each wash. If any damage to the mask (less fit, deformation, wear, etc.) is detected, the mask should be discarded.

Continuous maximum usage duration

For comfort and hygiene reasons, it is recommended not to wear the mask for a time longer than 4 hours. If it is moistened or deteriorated by use, it is recommended to replace it with another.

The mask should be washed every time it gets dirty, moistened or cannot be placed properly on the face. The mask should not be used if it is dirty or wet.

In the event that it is temporarily stored, contact with any surface should be avoided.

It should also not be placed in a standby position on the forehead or under the chin during and after use.

Tips for removing the mask

The UNE 0065:2020 protocol indicates the following steps when removing the hub:

  • 1. Remove protective gloves.
  • 2. Wash hands with soap and water or rub with a hydroalcoholic solution.
  • 3. Remove the mask without touching the front of the mask.
  • 4. Wash hands with soap and water or rub them with a hydroalcoholic solution.
  • 5. Once adjusted, do not touch the mask with your hands. If the user needs to touch the mask, he must first wash his hands with soap and water or rub them with a hydroalcoholic solution.

Procedure to discard the mask

Masks should be discarded in a container equipped with a plastic bag (preferably with lid and non-manual control). It is recommended to use double bag to preserve the contents of the first bag in case of tearing of the outer bag.

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